Cutting-edge Ruby learning designed for humans

We use AI and spaced-repetition techniques to help you easily improve your Ruby knowledge.

Learn a new concept every day

We combine science-backed learning strategies with bite-sized lessons to make Ruby mastery less painful and more enjoyable. Learn the core language through a deep-dive into enumerables, hashes and others while simultaneously learning how to create mental representations optimized for long-term remembering.

Test your knowledge

Every assessment is skill-adaptive. Ruby constructs are broken down into bite-sized concepts. We will assess your proficiency level in each of these concepts individually, then show you exactly which techniques to improve. Maintaining the difficulty at a optimal level with the help of an AI engine allows us not only to diagnose your specific learning gaps, but also grade the material effectively and efficiently, so that you never feel frustrated or overwhelmed by the learning process.

"repetitio est mater studiorum"

Repetition is the mother of all learning.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Forget

Every assessment is skill-adaptive. Master core syntax, built-in data types, and help your Ruby skills reach the next level. Repetitio is online tool that makes learning Ruby simple and effective.

120 Concepts and counting
1000+ Hours spent studying
500 Quizzes

Repetitio makes learning Ruby and Rails feel like a breeze.

Bite-sized concepts

Explore our novel course content at your own pace and asses your newly acquired knowledge with quizzes and capstone projects. Whether you're new to Ruby or an experienced developer, this is the only tool you need to master Ruby.

Spaced repetition

Ensure you never forget your newly accumulated knowledge through repetitive (yet, never boring) assessments. Built for everyone: using our interactive lessons and cognitive science tricks, you can become a Ruby expert even if you have no previous experience with programming.

AI-dictated difficulty

Feel challenged at every step with our custom built AI that adjusts to your needs to create a unique learning experience. You will learn core Ruby programming language features by having fun practice with quizzes, games, challenges and interviews.

Test your knowledge in a matter of minutes with customized repetition schedules

Your Ruby knowledge, improved by the day.